Re-add "Search by Actor" to Ombi 3.0

simhavaktra asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 9 comments

simhavaktra commented over 1 year ago

I have a web-facing Ombi setup used by about twenty folks and the most used search method is "By Actor". I've been keeping both a 2.x and a 3.x version but everyone stays with the 2.0 so they can do actor searches. Is this something planned to return in 3.0?

| FlynnLives commented about 1 year ago

I miss this too

| zobe123 commented about 1 year ago

wondering why this feature is gone in 3.0....

| dephcon commented about 1 year ago

ditto! saved me a ton of time for getting all Donnie Yen's movies.

NaturalCarr commented about 1 year ago

I used this a good bit myself and would love to have it back.

| YodaSpow commented 10 months ago

Please add this back in to. Was a great feature in v2.0

| undaunt commented 9 months ago


| cyris69 commented 9 months ago

Ok, so I haven't been going crazy since the swap to 3.0. Awesome feature to just remove.

oceanmaster commented 3 months ago

Why would this be removed???

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