Request via Telegram bot (not only notify)

barrystaes asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 4 comments

barrystaes commented over 2 years ago

I would like to request content via a bot (such as Telegram) and be informed when its added to the collection.

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| olig89 commented almost 2 years ago

Something similar to onedr0p's CP/Sonarr bot implementation ( https://github.com/onedr0p/telegram-couchpotato-bot ) but with customisable trigger words (to cater for those who say 'film' instead of 'movie' and 'series' as well as 'season') would be top notch

springjools commented 6 months ago

There is https://github.com/StackTraceYo/ombi-bot but would be nice to have it in python intead. Anyone interested in working with me on this? There's an excellent python api for telegram: python-telegram-bot

springjools commented 3 months ago

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