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tidusjar asked for this feature 9 months ago — 8 comments

tidusjar commented 9 months ago Admin

We could integrate with PlexPy to provide more information about our users e.g. What they last played, how many plays etc. in the User Management Section

| leram84 commented 9 months ago

do you mean the same info thats already in plexpy? Or are you saying you could pull something new? i dont think i understand.

| tidusjar commented 9 months ago Admin

The same information that is in PlexPy, but on the User Management page against the user, so you can manage your user and view some basic play information at the same time.

| Torkiliuz commented 8 months ago

I have setup aliases on all my users through PlexPy, so it would be really nice if User Management could merge the user data from PlexPy and Ombi.

| ksbansal commented 8 months ago

Some users make requests and never watch them. Would be nice if info from Plexpy is used to show admin if users have watched the requested content or not.

| jneljeff commented 7 months ago

SSO capability would also be great with this. There is a fork of PlexPy that does SSO with PlexAuth as well.

tymanthius commented 7 months ago

I'm going to chime in that this idea/feature not be dependent on PlexPy as it would exclude Emby users (unless PlexPy has added support?). I think this would be better implemented independently, although it would be more work.

Could just add a short blurb at the end of each movie/Series with a Percent Watched type progress bar.

| zobe123 commented 4 months ago

Another nice feature would be to email a user when a new episode is avaiable of the TVShow already watched to the end - eg. instantly message me if a new episode of ... is online. As a checkbox and then auto check of watched content...

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