Automatically delete/archive/hide completed requests

zack2491 asked for this feature almost 3 years ago — 3 comments

zack2491 commented almost 3 years ago

Looks like this feature was added in v2, but is not yet present in v3. There are a couple other requests related to restoring functionality, but I wanted to specifically request this one.

Thanks for your hard work!

| Blindside995 commented about 2 years ago

Thanks for making an excellent program. I look forward to this feature making a return if at all possible!

| nemchik commented over 1 year ago

With v4 in dev I would like to agree this would be neat. I don't remember exactly how it worked in v2, but it would be cool if there was an option to remove it immediately after it becomes available or after a specified delay such as 7 days or something.

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