Group Multiple Episodes of One Series in Newsletter into Seasons

jneljeff asked for this feature 8 months ago — 4 comments

jneljeff commented 8 months ago

I'm backpedaling here because I originally requested individual episode data in the newsletter, but having a single show take up the entire email in inefficient. If we could have a single poster for each series with the season synopsis when multiple episodes of that season are being presented it would be optimal.

| BAS-MB commented 6 months ago

I'm still waiting for a newsletter fix to even get them to work for me. I would agree though I would not want episodes listed just that a certain season has new content.

| mrwebsmith commented 6 months ago

ABSOLUTELY +1 to this as i tend to add entire shows worth at once if its a ended/older show esp

tidusjar commented 5 months ago Admin

This is currently in EAP and will be out in the next release.

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