Watcher 3 Support

mikepruett3 asked for this feature about 1 year ago — 8 comments

mikepruett3 commented about 1 year ago

I'm sure this has been requested before, but I could not find it in this list. Ombi v2 had support for Watcher instead of CP.

Could we get this connectivity back at some point?

| MarkTechComputers commented 12 months ago

Watcher works so much better than Radarr in my opinion. A much more finished project; works great!

| SomethinLikeDis commented 12 months ago

Watcher OP

| badincite commented 11 months ago

+1 they did have it in the description as planned for v3 but pulled it recently I wonder what changed. CP is dead

| overdox commented 5 months ago

+1 for this, Watcher3 is amazing

| SoulFear commented 5 months ago

+1! Watcher3!

| tenbets commented 4 months ago

Yes please add support for Watcher. CP is garbage.

| XenoBIT78 commented about 2 months ago

Yeah please add Watcher3 support.. When u live in nordic countries sonarr is broken.. can't handle nordic tag.. and CP is dead.. :)

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