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goldenpipes asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 2 comments

goldenpipes commented about 2 years ago Admin

Put a Toggle to use alias's or not for each notification type.

On Email i would like to use the username instead of the Alias.

For discord I use the Alias because I have it set to <@DISCORD-USERID> which mentions them specifically.

Moreover, welcome Email uses the Username and not the Alias. not sure if this is a bug or expected behavior.

Also make Alias' not show for username elsewhere in Ombi. Or alternatively add a 'discorduserid' variable to the UserManagement

| strapdoc commented about 2 years ago

I was going to throw up a similar themed feature request, but yours is much more broad, and I agree with the additional usability you've suggested.

I primary am just looking for the ability to allow standard users to see alias' rather than see everyone else's usernames.

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