Major changes to landing page.

ksbansal asked for this feature 9 months ago — 2 comments

ksbansal commented 9 months ago

1) The Plex requests logo should be an Ombi logo by default and should be customisable by the admin in settings.
2) Customizable links in a navbar format, fixed on top of the page when scrolling, which is also collapsible on mobile view. The continue button should also be on the navbar saying Ombi (or custom Ombi name set by admin) instead of continue at the bottom of the page. An example of custom link can be PlexPy or twitter page link.
3) The width of the landing page should dynamically change based on the browser. At the moment its fixed to a mobile view which doesn’t look right on desktop PC’s.
4) General greeting & information, as well as a scheduled notice section, instead of the current state which is either enable or disable a time limit for the notices.
5) “General greeting & information” and “scheduled notice section” should have a number of icons the admin can choose from. This allows the icons on the left to be more relevant to the information on the landing page.
6)Please move icons on the left to the main body of the landing page. The reason for this is because at the moment the main body is shifted to the right with empty space on the left. This is apparent on the mobile view mostly.
7)(mentioned by other users) The server status should be able to be toggled off, as some admins such as myself use our own method of checking server status. I personally use automatic twitter updates for my users.
8) Allow admins to use custom Ombi buttons on landing page, so the landing page has the same theme as Ombi itself. This can be done as some sort of html tags.

SuperPotatoMen commented 7 months ago Admin

@hey ksbansal, we are busy to look at the ombi landing page. Can you take a look on this issue and give some input on it? https://github.com/tidusjar/Ombi/issues/1106

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