View on Emby to match the custom domain server URL

shocker2 asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 7 comments

shocker2 commented about 2 years ago

While searching it will be nice to match the server custom domain for view on Emby except the default one. You can fetch it directly via API or you can allow the admin to manually customise the URL.

For eg. instead of heaving: http://app.emby.media/ use https://my.custom.tld/

AciDCooL commented about 2 years ago

Would love this too :) Never noticed this behaviour until this morning, would be nice to have.

| jeffkeller87 commented almost 2 years ago

Would really like this too! I can literally copy the "View On Emby" link and replace app.emby.media with my domain and it works, so hopefully this isn't too difficult to implement.

| jeffkeller87 commented almost 2 years ago

Could keep the external domain separate from what is currently implemented in Ombi, so that syncs/caching can still operate over LAN.

| harrv commented over 1 year ago

The http://app.emby.media URL will only work for users who have an Emby Connect account. Even though I bought a Premiere license for my Emby Server and could therefore use Emby Connect, I don't want to force my users to create accounts there when they're already used to logging into my server directly. The Emby links in Ombi therefore don't work for my users. Same as Jeff said, if I replace "app.emby.media" with the domain of my Emby server, those URLs work fine (although you should probably also allow for changes in scheme (https) and port as well). I can't find a way to do this myself without changing the source code. I'd really like this feature, but if we can't have it can we have a way to turn off the broken URLs?

| Dubwize commented over 1 year ago

Same issue here as Harrv. I do not use the Emby Connect feature. So an ability to add a custom FQDN would be appreciated. At the min a switch to turn the button off as it is broken otherwise.

tidusjar commented over 1 year ago Admin


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