Multiple instances of Sonarr/Radarr

kirisanth-g asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 13 comments

kirisanth-g commented over 2 years ago

We are able to add multiple Plex servers, but would like have that ability for Sonarr/Radarr. I would like to use the tool to manage multiple servers each running their own instances. Currently I can only add the second Plex server but I can't tell Ombi to download from the second instance of sonarr/radarr. Would be great if this feature was available!

| Barrow1990 commented over 2 years ago

I would love this as i have different qualities based on the person. I also have different folders to download to depending what person has requested it. My folder structure for movies is: Both, Mrs, Mine & Christmas.

| YodaSpow commented over 2 years ago

Would be a great addition because: I have 2x Sonarr installations on 2 separate machines: • 1st handles SD only downloads (mainly use this one) - [Sonarr-SD] • 2nd handles HD (1080p) only downloads - [Sonarr-1080p] Filebot then sorts the videos into the correct folders based on Resolution. (Reason I have 2 instances is to avoid the Sonarr restriction )

If it would be possible to ask a question: "Would you like to add to the [Sonarr-1080p] to?" or something similar with a default profile for: 1) get both 2) get SD only 3) get HD only

| D3473R commented almost 2 years ago

This feature would be awesome for me, as i have different radarr/sonarr instances supplying plex servers with different quality settings to keep the transcodes down.

| xfouloux commented over 1 year ago

I would like this feature too,

i have 2 radarr/2 sonarr (one for movies in original version, and one for movies in french, same for radarr, one for original version, and one for multilang), I need to add manually in the other when user request something :/

| MarcelCosta79 commented 9 months ago

Same here. I have 2 radarrs. One for english audio and a second one to deal with dual audio content.

| teh0wner commented 9 months ago

+1 - I have a separate Sonarr for TV and another for Anime. Unfortunately, I can't connect to both using 1 Ombi

| thecozmicfool commented 8 months ago

Please do this! It would be so useful.

| HDebeuf commented 7 months ago

Yes, that would be great please

| MattSidney commented 5 months ago

This would be useful for managing tv and anime separately in two separate sonarr instances

| intertan commented 4 months ago

common to have a 1080p for transcoding and 4k for direct play. This way users could see what version is available.

| tmote commented 3 months ago

very useful idea - my use case is separate environments entirely. one hosted external to my house, available to groups A, B, and C supporting anywhere original bitrate. another at a family member's house that I manage, available to groups A & B. and a final one at my home available to group A - supporting more family friendly content than otherwise hosted and, of course, media when there is no internet (something that just occurred for 6 straight days due to ice storms).

| tmote commented 3 months ago

I guess I would imagine the following workflow useful to my case:

User assigned permissions to OMBI and media types as already exists. Additional permissions understood from properties applied by OMBI admins which correlate to sonarr/radarr servers.

User searches for content and request box pops out check boxes for which server(s) are targeted. [may need some labeling/friendly name options in admin for this]

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