User management profiles.

ksbansal asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 4 comments

ksbansal commented over 2 years ago

Most of my users have the same settings in the user management section. In the user management settings page their should be profiles you can configure. This way you can easily assign a profile to a user. This way you don't need to repeat the same changes across all users manually. Also this would make it much easier if you wanted to make someone an admin for example. You could just select an admin profile.

| badincite commented over 2 years ago

This would help or a way to check multiple users and edit all there permissions at once. Currently in the process of editing 70+ users permissions one by one.

| Artiume commented 4 months ago

To add on to this, I would like the option to obscure requests made by individuals. So that person X can't see who requested a movie, only that it WAS requested.

junfan commented 28 days ago

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