Remove requests once they are available or status tabs for requests

lucienorrin asked for this feature 12 months ago — 4 comments

lucienorrin commented 12 months ago

Just like the title says. Option to remove , or hide, move to bottom. I think ultimately the best option would be to have separate tabs for each different request status. Just my opinion though.


| SoulFear commented 11 months ago

Removing requests once they're available would be great!

| Krm1t commented 5 months ago

This should be an archive feature preferably an automatic one once content are available. That way you can always find old requests but they no longer clutter the main request lists.

As a side note: 3rd party integration like Organizr should be able to get the non-archived lists when showing on the Homepage. That way Organizr only ever show relevant requests.

| riemers commented about 2 months ago

Agree, now i just manually remove them from time to time. At some point they are "requested" and later it notices its now "availible". I would 'think' an option to remove them instead of making it show availible is not a lot of work. (but other stuff might be more important first)

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