JustWatch API Integration

maxroustan asked for this feature 12 months ago — 3 comments

maxroustan commented 12 months ago

I don't know if this has been brought up before but I would love to have some integration of the JustWatch API in the request process. How many times did I have to reject a request from a friend because the movie he wanted to add was already available on Netflix, Prime video, etc. I don't want to be rude with my users but they don't have the reflex to check that before requesting. It would be a great improvement if Ombi could display a warning "Already available on these platforms : ..." for each film they search and want to request to me.

| robrogan commented 11 months ago

+1 I'm not a developer so I don't know how accurate this is, but a quick Google got me here: https://github.com/dawoudt/JustWatchAPI

I shared this on another ticket, asking if I could collaborate on the UX design, but it also included this very feature suggestion. In the prototype images you'll see an update to the User page, where you select the services you already have. On search results, an icon appears if it's available on one of your platforms like Netflix. Lastly, a button would give you the option to open it on that respective platform.


| jalmansor commented 10 months ago

This would definitely be a highly desirable integration. I'm not a developer either, but I might have to try this as a side project...

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