Resend Request to Sonarr and Radarr feature

KevinFromUpThere asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 4 comments

KevinFromUpThere commented over 2 years ago

If a user requests a title, and I approve that title, that title will go to RADARR or SONARR.

But, if there's any kind of problem, like Radarr isn't started or whatever, there's no way to re-send that request (i think?). I can remove the request then re-request it, but the notifications will go to me, not them. My best course of action is to find that title myself in Radarr.

So I'd like a "Re-send Request to Radarr" ability!

| terrabitz commented 12 months ago

+1 to this. I have had a number of silent failures while attempting to request series. It would be nice to have better error reporting for when adding a title fails (e.g. a notification or alert on the dashboard), plus automatic and/or manual retries.

| GhostPyxel commented 10 months ago

Agree to this, had some issues based on failures from my services and/or shutdown of Radarr and Sonarr.

Would save a lot of time and silent failures (as stated above) if we could have a scheduled job to parse the missing requests between Ombi and the service used. If I'm not mistaken it could be donne through RSS Sync.

| montgomery102 commented 6 months ago

Agreed. I just rebuilt my Ombi and have hundreds of movies to manually do now. By the way V4 of Ombi is very nice. Espically the discovery

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