Let admin make a request on behalf of another user, or change the owner of a request

harrv asked for this feature 8 months ago — 2 comments

harrv commented 8 months ago

I have a couple users who aren't very tech savvy who will probably never use Ombi. They give me requests though email, text, or phone calls. Because they are family, and I love them, I enter requests for them into Ombi. I want them to get the email when the request is fulfilled (and also when it is approved). Ombi would handle that for me if I could, as the admin, make the request as another user, or, make the request as admin and then change the owner of the request to that other user.

| harrv commented 8 months ago

I'll add a comment that for one user I know their password, so sometimes log in as that user to make requests. The other seems to have changed their password at some point, so I can't do it for them that way.

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