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Hello, I t could be little related to Github #114 issue.

An unprivilleged user could have different profile, some want watch their tv show in original language (english) or in their natural language (french in my case).

Currently this is not possible to choose the language or even ask for a preference when an user make the request.

However we can indirectly choose the language as an admin because he can choose the quality profile during approval step before send request to sonarr (and profile contains quality but also language).

Allowing users to choose the quality profile as for the admin (only for asking, admin could always reject the request or overriding the quality profile before approve the request) could be a quick win to implement this feature.

In my opinion, it could make sens to not use quality profile but and new fresh side feature because asking for a language as user is only a wish whereas use a quality profile as an admin is an administration choice. Both are not always linked. And as profile includes language but also quality it could be painfull (and not relevant) to duplicate profile per language on sonarr side.

The advantage is it should be "easy" to implement because all features are already existing (it is only a permission mapping update and configuration, at least I think). Other advantage is it could answer to a similar new feature which could let user asking for specific quality (HD vs 4K) without implementing this internal in addition to a possible internal multi language feature.

Personally, using sonarr profile would totally satisfy my request and seems less harder for you but I will be also satisfy if it is an internal feature not linked to sonarr profile.

Thanks in advance !

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