Ability to toggle the plex server status paragraph on landing page

lattedesu asked for this feature almost 3 years ago — 5 comments

lattedesu commented almost 3 years ago


I'd like to choose showing or hiding the status of plex server in landing page, however I couldn't find it.

I'm planning to have a public landing page, and actually showing the status of plex server in there seems concerning to me.

I'd appreciate if there would be a way to toggle the status, maybe even to only logged in users ?

Thanks in advance,

| tidusjar commented almost 3 years ago Admin

What do you mean by "Hiding the status of the plex server" ? Hiding if it is online/offline?

| lattedesu commented almost 3 years ago

@tidusjar Exactly! What I mean is I still want to show a landing page with my custom html code, but since the server is for me and my friends only, and since the landing page can be public, I don't want other eyes, even the possible web-crawlers to see the status of my plex server. This may result them getting the ip of the server + attacking / brute forcing etc. the 32400 plex port.

| jneljeff commented almost 3 years ago

I think more customization of the landing page in general is needed. For example, I use the notice feature for a general greeting, but it would be nice to be able to have a general greeting AND a scheduled notice without modifying the base code.

| wjbeckett commented almost 3 years ago

Very much agree with @jnelijeff, The ability to customize the landing page more would be great. Currently you can hide the landing page until the user logs in so that could assist with the concerns @lattedesu has?

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