Add Plex Channel to redirect from Plex to Ombi

chrisausbun asked for this feature 8 months ago — 2 comments

chrisausbun commented 8 months ago

Is there any way to add a custom channel or something in Plex that will redirect them to the Ombi site for any requests they'd like to make? Some of my users don't have a computer or are a little older so it'd be nice if they could just click something in Channels or somewhere in Plex that will take them to the request page. The only thing at the moment I can think of doing is creating a library called "Making Requests and/or Reporting Issues" and have an image with a link and a how to guide Ombi but it'd be much easier and more efficient if they could click somewhere and it'd take them straight there instead, especially if they're trying to do it on a device that isn't a computer.

| FlynnLives commented 6 months ago

that would not work due to how plex is made, also consider other devices such as Roku/AppleTV/etc etc. they do not have a browser to redirect the request to

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