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saitoh183 asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 2 comments

saitoh183 commented over 3 years ago

A version of the landing page for admins that you could put links to other applications...a bit like Muximux uses frames or like how HTML5 landing pages allow you put custom buttons to different parts of the site. This way we could use the landing page to easily access our other apps like sonarr /CPS/sickrage or anyother custom site we use. This could also work in favor of user. For example i currently use Muximux to sort of make a lnading page for my users. It has a link to plex webapp, Ombi and one to my audiobook/ebook web interface ran with calibre. Having this only on Ombi landing page, i could send everyone there and they would have acces to make request, go to plex webapp or check out my ebook library.

tidusjar commented over 3 years ago Admin

This is slightly out of scope for Ombi, it's not a dashboard for users to go to other applications and I don't intend for it to be like that.

The landing page was made to inform users of downtime and to check the status of the plex server. I don't really intend to extend the functionality more than that.

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