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GenericPolarBear asked for this feature over 4 years ago — 10 comments

GenericPolarBear commented over 4 years ago

Currently for a user to log in they first enter the username and then they have to click next to be able to enter their password. This is pretty annoying for people who use a password manager like LastPass or KeePass.

Having both the username and password on the same page also makes it faster for humans to type it in, just like on pretty much every other website.

Also a remember me button would be awesome.

tidusjar commented over 4 years ago Admin

The reason why it has been done like this is due to the flexibility that I currently provide.

You can setup Ombi to not have to use a password at all, so all the users can just log in with a username , but I want the administrators to still log in with a password (since we don't want everyone to control the system).

So unless I remove the option to allow users to login without a password, I cannot think of a way this can be done.

topper59 commented over 4 years ago

Has this changed in a newer version? I'm still on 1.10.1 and to login the username and password are on the same page (and it works with lastpass). There is also an option to login without a password but I haven't used it because I don't want people logging in as someone else.

| GenericPolarBear commented over 4 years ago

Why not just make them appear on the same page when the option is enabled, and if it's set as only the username is needed, then just hide the password field? I've seen other versions of plex request do this as well.

| GenericPolarBear commented over 4 years ago

And with the administrator problem, why not just make the password field appear after they've typed in their username if they are in the administrator list?

tidusjar commented over 4 years ago Admin

It can be done that way, I just didn't want to do it like that as there are 3 different places of 'logic' for logging in... I'll have a think about it

diedrichg commented over 4 years ago

Also, after entering the user and password, it would be helpful if the Enter button functioned to submit the field. ex: enter the password, press enter and login is triggered. As it is now, you must mouse over to the sign-in button to get it to activate.

| vortexrap commented over 4 years ago

+1 for this.

The solution is two fold: 1. Separate Admin login / normal user login. Admins always need to login with a password so just authenticate them in a separate page/form. 2. If you do not require users to login with pw, display the username field only 3. If you require users to login with pw, display the username + pw field

There will have to be some logic rework in the backend to login users with or without the pw

| GenericPolarBear commented about 4 years ago

Also please have a remember me for users so they don't have to login each time they visit the site. Although it would be understandable to make this feature only available if passwords are enabled.

PotatoQuality commented over 3 years ago Admin

This is fixed in V3

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