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Elrique64 asked for this feature over 4 years ago — 11 comments

Elrique64 commented over 4 years ago

Currently, the music search is based on albums. I suggest that instead of albums, perhaps search for artists. (Have a toggle, maybe?) I know what artists I want for media, most people do. But they might not know what songs the artist has on which album. Unless you are a complete musicophile, not a lot of people can tell you exactly which album has what songs.

Allowing a search for artist, and then drill down to the albums of that artist, listing the individual songs would make this a lot less painful for some users.

12nick12 commented over 4 years ago

Agreed with this. And maybe an individual song request

tidusjar commented over 4 years ago Admin

This is a good idea, the main problem is MusicBrainz and Headphones. Both API's are very difficult to work with and are very error prone, this is the main reason why I have not made any more Music features. 50% of the time the MusicBrainz api does not return the correct results (if any) and also headphones will randomly not accept any API requests, or will process something half way through...

| BAS-MB commented about 4 years ago

Just wanted to bump this since its been 2 months. Would love an artist search instead of albums. On the artist search results user would have the option to request artist, and I would imagine a drop down for for any albums inside that artists results similiar to how season requests are made for TV. Hopefully things have smoothed out with a call, you could technically hit a musicbrainz mirror or alternate calls between main and mirror to help, also I recommended turning down whatever you call rate is for their API so music results maybe slower to generate in OMBI but more reliable results.

| mrwebsmith commented about 4 years ago

artist search/request would be cool.. +1 i can backfill manually but knowing who my users want content from would be nice

bfir3 commented about 4 years ago

+1 this would be wonderful!

| petwri commented almost 4 years ago

@tidusjar I actually don't see the problem. You can search for artists and albums with 2 different API calls: https://github.com/rembo10/headphones/blob/master/API.md Why not let the user choose what to search for?

bfir3 commented almost 4 years ago

The app is already amazing, but this feature is still at the top of my want list for Ombi.

thamilton91 commented over 3 years ago

I'd love to see a way to search by artists and see albums from there, similar to the way headphones backend is structured. I've noticed that when you search an album name, you get a ton of results for the same album in different countries or a bunch of non-sense albums.

Example: If you search "Taylor Swift" half of the results are Karaoke albums.

| seanvree commented over 3 years ago


FYI, Lidarr is working pretty damn well. They are still in "development" mode, but I'd LOVE to see this get off the ground.


| YodaSpow commented almost 3 years ago

Currently using Lidarr on Mac, works great

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