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Rhainland asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 4 comments

Rhainland commented over 3 years ago

Hi Tidusjar,

Any chance we can get a simple voting feature on requests? Sometimes friends of mine request old shows that take up hundreds of gigs, if only a single person is really interested in this show then using this storage just for him isnt really feasable.

Can we have a system where users can upvote/downvote a request that the admin wants a vote on?


| filoor commented over 2 years ago

Maybe also add a voting system for deleting existing content

examle: I want to delete some content I will add a voting on ombi and users will get a mail with a link to the voting page And the can say if i must keep it or delete it .

| estavez commented over 2 years ago

This would be really nice as this is could sort of one of these main problems with people just requesting a lot of stuff that other people do not want or see. If a voting system is integrated then it is better to see who really wants this contents instead of just one person, if you set it at least 5 persons needs to vote for this to get it approved. The voting system for deletion of existing contents could also be really good to have old stuff removed from the server after people have voted on contents. If PleyPy integration is added this information could be grabbed from there history.

| dcitllc commented about 2 years ago

This would be amazing! Wish it had more votes.

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