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Peanutman85 asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 7 comments

Peanutman85 commented over 3 years ago

It would be nice to allow new users without a Plex account a way to create an account, which an admin could then approve and assign permissions.

Currently it seems the admin has to create the account, including the username and password.

tidusjar commented over 3 years ago Admin

The main reason for allowing the admin to create it, is so that you cannot have ANYONE signing up... The users can change their password once logged in by clicking the 'cog/settings' icon

| Peanutman85 commented over 3 years ago

I agree that you can't have anyone signing up and gaining access immediately.

However, would it be possible to let them sign up, but give them zero permissions until an admin gives them permissions?

I just think it would be easier to let them create their own account rather than creating one for them, telling them their username and password, then telling them how to go in and change their password

tidusjar commented over 3 years ago Admin

Id rather allow them to sign up and the account be 'blocked' until the admin approves it, that way they cannot access the site.

If that sounds reasonable, if this get's enough interest i'll add it.

| nemchik commented almost 3 years ago

I think it would be nice that if a user with a Plex account that is not my friend tries to login to my Ombi that it would either automatically send a Plex friend request, or provide instructions to the user about how to do it (and I guess supply my Plex username).

If a user who doesn't have Plex at all visits my Ombi login there could be a registration page that either automatically registers them with Plex and makes a friend request as described above or gives instructions on how to do all of that.

I think a first time welcome email from Ombi would be a nice way to tie all of that together so that after a user is registered with Plex and added as a friend, if Ombi noticed a new user added it would send a welcome email with a reminder of how to access Ombi and what it can do.

| curlz620 commented over 2 years ago

This can be handy in some cases where I am unavailable.

| iLewisssHD commented 5 months ago

Did this ever get enough traction to be added in some way? I too would like people to be able to register an account themselves.

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