Better Sonarr anime support

rune3132 asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 2 comments

rune3132 commented over 3 years ago

When adding series to Sonarr you are required to chose wich category your content falls under, fx. Anime or Daily. When users request a series it automatical falls into the default category, which results in no sources being found. I also separate my tv-series and anime in different folders, but Ombi only allows 1 folder to be set for downloading all TV Shows, being able to choose between the different folders specified by Sonnar would make sorting my content much easier, this could be a toggle so users with only 1 folder don't have to go through an extra step.

| elheffe80 commented over 2 years ago

This is already a feature request "Reqyest catefories for Sonarr" would cover this.

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