Exclude Certain Plex Libraries from Newsletter

slamanna212 asked for this feature almost 4 years ago — 4 comments

slamanna212 commented almost 4 years ago

There are some plex libraries that are not public. Id like the email to only show whats new for certain libraries. Its the one feature PlexEmail has that this does not have!

| FlynnLives commented almost 4 years ago

this is a great idea. I could see this being useful for my IP camera video dump that only I can see

| curlz620 commented about 3 years ago

This would be great!

| harrv commented almost 3 years ago

I'm more familiar with Emby than with Plex, but I know that the Emby API gives a way to only see the movies and TV episodes that a certain user could see (Emby allows the admin to choose which libraries each individual user will see). So ideally, the Ombi admin could choose which user's view to use when generating the newsletter that everyone will get, or, even better, generate a personalized newsletter for every Ombi user based on what they have visibility to in Emby.

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