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x86 version for linux

Created 4 months ago by jeffersonmouze

Assign request to certain user

Created 8 months ago by glassbase

Encryption of mails

Created 6 months ago by SoulInfernoDE

Add filter option to TV Shows

Created 10 months ago by rickatnight11

Automatic scroll bar

Created 10 days ago by Killianbe

Add support for pushbullet channels

Created over 1 year ago by arebokert

Cache Webapp

Created 7 months ago by joelkobjoll

Add filter per user

Created 4 months ago by Shalar

Integrate with NZBGeek

Created 5 months ago by zreon

Promote Movie to user

Created 11 months ago by rudyolph
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Admin/User landing page

Created about 2 years ago by saitoh183
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variable "Default Root Folders" location

Created almost 2 years ago by bobbintb
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Upload requests to an IMDB watchlist

Created about 2 years ago by epitsi