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Tautulli/Tautulli Allow Plexpy to restrict or disable Pushbullet notifications / Add Pushbullet message body in notifications 0 Hi there, I am hoping that you could add a feature regarding the notifications, such as Pushbullet's, adding an option in the settings to restrict the notifications of the owners (of the server) playback of music, movies, tv shows etc, so that once setup, their phone, tablet or windows app of pushbullet does not constantly spam their device with streaming notifications of their own streams. For example, if the owner of the server is playing music through Plex, notifications happen every few minutes as their is no option to restrict, or disable, the owner's notifications playback. Also, once I setup pushbullet to use on my ios device, I have realized that only the title (such as 'Plexby - *server name*', nothing more) of the particular device is shown on my iphone, and does not include the message body of what is actually being played - such as a particular track, the current movie being streamed, etc etc. Thanks ! RJ


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over 3 years ago Tautulli/Tautulli Disable Notification for Specific Users