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Anuken/Mindustry Excavators; for maps with no sand OR scrap. 22 An excavator would be a special 5*5 drill that requires very large amounts of copper and lead. It requires fairly large amounts of power, and it would generate sand, with the same items per tile as a normal drill. (2.5 items per second) For every ore tile (of any kind) it covers, it has a 1 in 25 chance of producing scrap instead of sand. I.E: if it covers 20 ore tiles, it'd generate roughly 2 scrap per second and 0.5 sand per second. Excavators can be boosted like drills, but would consume more water. Or the boost would be less effective. Whichever works better.
Anuken/Mindustry Heavy Items / Transports / Stations 3 This suggestion comes in multiple parts, sorry. 1) New type of material: Heavy Item. Heavy items would not be transportable via traditional conveyors or launched via a mass driver. When storing them, they count as a stack of 25 items. Heavy Items would include: armored chassi, power cells, and weapon modules (each one of various MKs. Bringing them to a mech factory would boost the strength of the resulting mech.) 2) Stations Stations would be a special type of storage that can contain heavy items, as well as several stacks of 25 other items. You can link them to each other just like a mass driver. Items that enter a source station will be transported to a target station via transports. In addition to the normal station, you've got router / overflow gate / junction / sorter variants. (Router stations would have many outputs, junction stations have one output per input, and sorters can sort multiple items, with one output per each + the default). Buildings that require heavy items for crafting would automatically pull from neighboring stations. 3) Transports Transports would be how items from stations would be moved around. There would be three types: Crane: A 2*2 structure that fulfills all logistics requests in stations in a radius around it. There'd be multiple tiers, with varying ranges and capacities. It also can pull from a station to supply structures, unlike the following two transport types. Mechanical cranes (tier 1) require no power. Dragon Turtle: A heavily armored transport mech. You assign it to a single station and it fulfills all its inputs. Can carry many items and has unlimited range, but is very slow moving. Definitely has low throughput compared to conveyors or mass drivers. One Dragon Turtle factory can sustain a large number of dragon turtles, and you can assign as many dragon turtles to a station as you want, though at some point they become redundant since only one turtle can be inside a station at a time. Dragon Turtles can swim, and move faster in water. Sky Whale: A flying version of the Dragon Turtle. Moves faster, but is less armored and has lower capacity. Unless it avoids a winding land-based route, they have lower throughput.
Anuken/Mindustry Blast Drill 10 Blast Drill is a 3*3 drill. It requires 5 Blast Compound as an input. Once 5 blast compound is loaded in, it consumes all 5 and begins charging for 20 seconds (or more, if its covering less than 9 ore tiles), consuming power while doing so. It can continue to accept more blast compound input while charging. After the 20 second charge time is complete, it instantly generates a stack of 65 items, and begins unloading as fast as nearby outputs can handle. As it generates 65 items over 20 seconds, it has an item generation rate of roughly 2.5 items per second, 1.6* the speed of a laser drill. The Blast Drill can be boosted, decreasing the charge time to 8 seconds; equivalent to a 2.56* multiplier. However, it uses Slag as a boost liquid, instead of water or cryofluid. TL;DR: Blast Drill is 60% faster than a Laser Drill, but requires 1 blast compound per 13 items, slag instead of water for boosting, and it outputs in bursts rather than a steady stream.
Anuken/Mindustry Use an ArrayList instead of an Enum for itemType 1 That way modders can easily add new types of item outside of just Item or Material.
Anuken/Mindustry Mech Armor 1 As an "alternative" to simply having large health pools. Some mechs would have high health but low armor, or vice versa. Armor reduces all damage taken by X, to a minimum of 25% the oncoming damage. Thus, weak repeated hits are far less effective against them, but single-shot high damage attacks would be more effective due to their comparatively lower health pool. Certain ammo types (using materials currently not in game) would bypass armor, as well. Burning effects could also ignore armor. Acid (if implemented) could remove armor.


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7 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Use an ArrayList instead of an Enum for itemType
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7 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Add moddable statusEffects
7 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Heavy Items / Transports / Stations
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7 months ago Anuken/Mindustry iPad Pro 11" Support
7 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Excavators; for maps with no sand OR scrap.
7 months ago Anuken/Mindustry firefighting drones
7 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Display content of bridges/bridge connections/junctions/phase conveyors and allow us to pick items that are clogging them