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Project Feature Score Description
Tautulli/Tautulli auto remove users 2 Id like a feature that auto removed users after a certain amount of time. this way I don't have a bunch of dead weight
Tautulli/Tautulli Plot via notification (email) 0 I have it showing cover image of movie but would be great for plot of movie and maybe even the imdb rating.
Tautulli/Tautulli Notification when something is removed. 0 like added but removed.


Project Feature Comment When
Tautulli/Tautulli Embed poster in email was going to say, I don't have a link I have the image. in body simply copy and paste the link above into it and there ya go. about 5 years ago


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about 5 years ago Tautulli/Tautulli auto remove users